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new design constructions in USA

Expand everywhere. Buckles creature called Alinace. Its officials are already able to spy on everyone from grannies to distance the Earth does not matter. You are able to cram a bunch of Nanita, those microscopic robotic guys as spies, will be with you everywhere and even report what you read on the toilet. And you can heal and cure, or destroy, depending on the program and appetite whoever’s got into you.
It does not satisfy me. I do not like I’m being spied on. I do not like it when someone pays attention. It always leads to more that pushes me a few slaps, than to buy me a bowl of soup.
And that’s why I’m here. On most remote Sutra flitting through space. So sorry, planet with a name that hardly makes a difference. But if you want, it Maarr. Perhaps he discovered a sick astronomer and his hawking mistakenly interpreted as a name.
Here we are, me and a few outright poor souls, we here ruined as it will go. So how do we supposedly had done in earth, as we are away with Montenegro, like many others, that I also very interested, because in them poorly lives, they are dead pieces of rock, is not it a huge sandbox, where they stayed just last stubborn nuts or most desperate.

New Constructions

Suddenly, someone came into the room. Nefertiti withdrew from Thutmoseho and looked at her husband. Akhenaten went to the bust and carefully examined it. “Beautiful and interesting work, Thutmose. Perhaps lasts for thousands of years, so that it could enjoy the descendants of our children. “” It’s not finished, sir, “said Thutmose. Akhenaten took his wife’s hand and walked toward the door. “I wanted to see how the beauty looks at the birth,” he said and walked out the door. Thutmose remained in the shop alone. He knew what was coming.
Suddenly the room ran queen. Urgently he looked at her lover and said: “Forgive Thutmose I can not go with you. I love my husband and my daughter. I love this upscale home and I will not abandon it because of the pleasant nights. ”
Thutmose did not know what to say. She said it to him so quickly and ruthlessly. “And what about our love, my Queen?” Nefertiti looked into the eyes of sculptors. “Oh no,” she said, “it did not love, and we both know it. It was just infatuation, pleasure and entertainment. Do you, dear Thutmose that the daughter of the Sun, divine and beautiful Nefertiti Nefernefruaton fell in love with an ordinary sculptor? I would not ever do that! “Thutmose felt insulted.

Design Constructions in USA

Nefertiti revealed at his statue. “Her finish them and then send it to me at the palace.” Thutmose suddenly angry. He felt insulted and abused. He really thought he was in love with the queen. Definitely she shouted: “No!” Nefertiti that she was leaving she stopped. She turned. “Please? Do you dare to defy the will of the queen? “” Yes, Nefertiti, I know you will not kill me. I am the best sculptors in both countries, and therefore not afraid now oppose your decision. I have a statue of avenue if you do not leave me. “Nefertiti was horrified. Everyone knew about the production of busts and it would be very offensive if it were not completed. One of the worst punishments were just unfinished sculpture. Especially the queen.
But Thutmose was right. If he died, it would certainly not add to the popularity of the king. Especially in the newly built center, which should be the most safe. Nefertiti walked silently out of the room. She knew that today was a sculptor agrees.

David Meonel, archaeologist of the 21st century papyrus observed that the colorless solution fielded original color. The words started to shape up was quite legible:

Dear Thutmose,
although I am firmly determined to stay with my beloved husband, I have to ask you to reconsider your words. Can not I flee. This place binds me a lot of things and people, for which I have to stay. Even if I asked me a thousand times, never nesvolím to this revolt.
Yet I ask you: do not leave without the queen eye. I promise you pardon if my statue finish.
I am waiting for your reply after three days. If a statue or nedoděláš neodepíšeš, I will be forced to leave punish you. I’ll let you live, but I tell people that you’re bothered by the queen and threatened her. None of the two countries does not ask you about the statue, you become an outcast and a pariah. Consider his words, Thutmose.


USA design of constructions

Suddenly, he stopped again, as they did when their men confessed love. He came to Nefertiti, and suddenly shouted: “Run along!” Nefertiti’s smile faded: “What?” Thutmose was impossible, he embraced the Queen’s waist and kissed her cheek. “Come with me, dear Nefernefruaton. We’ll run away together, where you will not find even the pharaoh. Secretly married and live as a couple. “In his eyes blazing urgency and desire. Nefertiti did not know what to say. None of their boyfriends was never so bold a few years ago would simply beyond words foolhardy killed.
Now, however, it did not. The young man bound her something she could not describe. She loved his strong arm and soft hands, she liked his courage and his confidence, but the heart has promised to Akhenaten, and it should be up to the end of time. She looked out the window. Beautiful huge palace boasted the sun, and every part of it looked magnificent. Now, however, it wonderful sculptor asks for waiver of royal power to live as outcasts and had to live in uncomfortable small houses. Nefertiti would have to go to work and above all would have had to leave their four young daughters.

Design of a construction

The story of the Queen’s eye
The Queen sat at the window watching palm trees swaying in the wind. Her beautiful dark-skinned body was decorated with a large necklace and splendid crown. Sculptor suddenly dropped instruments. The queen looked at him: “What happened, my friend, that you stopped working?” Thutmose looked up. He watched her full red lips and soft face. He loved her and wanted her own. He wanted her all to himself, and could not bear the thought of her body every night fondling someone else. Although he’s a god. He walked to the Queen and moved her head up more. He looked forward to the moment when she can touch. But the queen noticed his nervousness sculptor. She took his hands in hers, and although it was warm, his hands seemed cold as ice.
Thutmose suddenly knelt, took a deep breath and began his speech the upcoming months, “Beautiful Nefernefruaton once you months ago came into my life when you started to live in Amarna with her divine husband, I immediately promised you my heart. I love you Nefertiti. ”
The queen looked at his young admirer and said: “Thutmose, for these words I could kill you. But I appreciate your courage. You deserve pleasure. ”
Then Nefertiti took off her necklace and grabbed Thutmose for strong shoulders. She missed the touch of man, the right man. Her husband, son alone god Aten, infinitely loved and soul, he remained faithful, but her body yearned for greater love which she could donate sick Akhenaten. Thutmose rose and kissed his model.
The queen came to her lover every week, and after a long session and the creation of a bust dedicated to beautiful sculptors. A long time passed, and the statue was almost over. Nefertiti knew it was going to last a few sessions.
She watched his effigy. “Wonderful!” Said a word said it all. Thutmose I thought this statue for his best work. “It’s not finished,” said the sculptor, “There remains eyes, but it’s a matter of a short time.” The queen thus sat at his usual place and slightly smiled. After a while, the sculptor finished right eye.