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New Constructions

Suddenly, someone came into the room. Nefertiti withdrew from Thutmoseho and looked at her husband. Akhenaten went to the bust and carefully examined it. “Beautiful and interesting work, Thutmose. Perhaps lasts for thousands of years, so that it could enjoy the descendants of our children. “” It’s not finished, sir, “said Thutmose. Akhenaten took his wife’s hand and walked toward the door. “I wanted to see how the beauty looks at the birth,” he said and walked out the door. Thutmose remained in the shop alone. He knew what was coming.
Suddenly the room ran queen. Urgently he looked at her lover and said: “Forgive Thutmose I can not go with you. I love my husband and my daughter. I love this upscale home and I will not abandon it because of the pleasant nights. ”
Thutmose did not know what to say. She said it to him so quickly and ruthlessly. “And what about our love, my Queen?” Nefertiti looked into the eyes of sculptors. “Oh no,” she said, “it did not love, and we both know it. It was just infatuation, pleasure and entertainment. Do you, dear Thutmose that the daughter of the Sun, divine and beautiful Nefertiti Nefernefruaton fell in love with an ordinary sculptor? I would not ever do that! “Thutmose felt insulted.