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Design of a construction

The story of the Queen’s eye
The Queen sat at the window watching palm trees swaying in the wind. Her beautiful dark-skinned body was decorated with a large necklace and splendid crown. Sculptor suddenly dropped instruments. The queen looked at him: “What happened, my friend, that you stopped working?” Thutmose looked up. He watched her full red lips and soft face. He loved her and wanted her own. He wanted her all to himself, and could not bear the thought of her body every night fondling someone else. Although he’s a god. He walked to the Queen and moved her head up more. He looked forward to the moment when she can touch. But the queen noticed his nervousness sculptor. She took his hands in hers, and although it was warm, his hands seemed cold as ice.
Thutmose suddenly knelt, took a deep breath and began his speech the upcoming months, “Beautiful Nefernefruaton once you months ago came into my life when you started to live in Amarna with her divine husband, I immediately promised you my heart. I love you Nefertiti. ”
The queen looked at his young admirer and said: “Thutmose, for these words I could kill you. But I appreciate your courage. You deserve pleasure. ”
Then Nefertiti took off her necklace and grabbed Thutmose for strong shoulders. She missed the touch of man, the right man. Her husband, son alone god Aten, infinitely loved and soul, he remained faithful, but her body yearned for greater love which she could donate sick Akhenaten. Thutmose rose and kissed his model.
The queen came to her lover every week, and after a long session and the creation of a bust dedicated to beautiful sculptors. A long time passed, and the statue was almost over. Nefertiti knew it was going to last a few sessions.
She watched his effigy. “Wonderful!” Said a word said it all. Thutmose I thought this statue for his best work. “It’s not finished,” said the sculptor, “There remains eyes, but it’s a matter of a short time.” The queen thus sat at his usual place and slightly smiled. After a while, the sculptor finished right eye.